Agenda Available for 3/19/18 meeting

The agenda for Monday’s meeting is now posted. The HOA board meets on 3/19/18 in the second floor boardroom of the Canton Social Services building on Ridge Road. We meet at 6 p.m. and there is  time reserved at the beginning for resident comments. See you there!





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Easter Bunny Basket Delivery Sign up!!

 Make Easter morning extra special this year! Reserve your spot for our annual Bunny Basket delivery on Sunday, April 1st.
Each family who signs up for the Bunny Basket Delivery will get a personal Easter egg hunt right in their front yard!!!
Either on Easter morning or the evening before, please remember to set out PRE-FILLED Easter Baskets for each child in the home.  The Bunny will hop by to deliver the pre-filled baskets and take time for hugs, snuggles & pose for photographs. In addition, there will be pre-filled eggs hidden in your front yard your child(ren) can search for with the bunny.
The Bunny has time to stop at 20 homes.  The spots are determined on a first come, first serve basis.  Times will range from 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.  Please indicate whether you prefer an early or late time.  We will do our best to honor each request, but cannot assure you that your chosen time hasn’t already been taken.  One week prior to delivery, we will email each participant to narrow down your delivery time.
This is a fundraiser for future events and the donation for the occasion is $15 for each family (not each child) for those who have paid 2018 Social Committee dues.  For families who have not paid 2018 dues, the donation is $20 per family (not per child). Social Committee dues are good for one calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31).


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HOA board meeting agenda for 2.19.18 available

The HOA meets on Monday, February 19, 2018 in the Canton Social Services building on Ridge Road and Cherry Hill in the 2nd floor board room at 6 pm. The stairwell is locked, so you have to take the elevator.

There will be a special presenter at the start of the meeting. Jill Engel , Executive Director of the Partnership for the Arts and Humanities, will make a special presentation about the Village Arts Factory (old Ford Factory on Ridge Rd.). The organization has a fundraiser planned for March 3 at the Village Theatre.

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Please shovel you sidewalks

Homeowners are responsible for removing snow from sidewalks. The management company sent out a memo reminding residents of their responsibility. Snow Removal Reminder-Memo to CHV I Residents 02-09-18. Please remove snow in a timely manner. The management company has received several complaints about residents not clearing snow.


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Reserving Parks for private functions

Although it’s January, we’ve already had inquiries about booking the parks for summer events. Residents are allowed to use the parks for functions and simply need to make the arrangements with our management company. There is a letter in the HOA Documents section that explains the process. In the same area is the reservation application.

Reservations are required so that sprinklers can be shut off so that parties aren’t ruined with unexpected irrigation.

Parks can be reserved at no charge, although residents would have to retain the appropriate insurance required.

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Order your Cupcake-Gram Now!

Send a Valentine’s Day Cupcake Gram!

And help support CHV Social Committee funds for 2018 events!

Have someone you want to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to? Send a sweet treat your neighbor, friend, or that special someone.

Each cupcake gram will be delivered on February 14th and includes 2 cupcakes (one cherry chip and one chocolate) and a personalized message all for only $10.

*Cupcake design may vary from picture. Cupcakes may contain wheat, eggs, gluten, dairy and other food allergens.

Pre-order now!


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Happy New Year Neighbors!

Happy New Year Cherry Hill Village!!

We hope you enjoyed ending 2017 with such a sweet treat with Christmas in Candy Land. The Social Committee had a tremendous amount of fun planning the event! Walking the trails from Candy Cane Forest up to visiting the Chocolate Swamp, we hope our gingerbread men guided you all the way to Santa’s Candy Castle!

We have already begun planning for 2018 and hope your hearts continue to grow and support us! Social Committee dues can be paid at any time and are valid for one calendar year.


2018 fundraisers and events include:

  • Valentine’s Day Cupcake-gram
  • Easter Bunny Basket Delivery (with personal egg hunt!)
  • Cinco de Mayo Adult Progressive
  • School’s Out for Summer
  • Summer movie nights…with campout!
  • Music in the Park with the Canton Concert Band
  • Annual Homebrew Progressive
  • Fall Festival Chili Cook-off
  • Christmas in the Village
  • …and more!!

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please email
Click here to donate.

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Monthly meeting and Vote results

Thank you to everyone who voted during the amendment election.  I want to give you some perspective on the vote totals, and I hope Eric doesn’t judge my math too harshly. (Eric was one of our awesome community volunteers, who is also a high school math teacher).

In CHVI (detached homes) we have 495 residences and needed 330 to respond in the affirmative.  Results were:

Yes – 370 (74.7 %)

No – 16  ( 3 %)

In CHVII (attached homes) we have 156 residences and needed 104 to respond in the affirmative. The Results were:

Yes – 120 (76.9)

No – 0

Perspective – 77.7 % of all residences voted, while 145 of 651 homes (or 22 %) did not vote at all. This not only showed an overwhelming support for the amendment to maintain the status quo in maintaining sidewalks and the property that abuts the road by the co-owner, but  we achieved real community engagement.

Next – our monthly meeting is tomorrow (Jan. 15, 2018). I only received the agenda a few hours ago. Here it is.

The board meets at 6 pm in the second floor board room of the Canton social services building on Ridge Rd.

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We are so close!!!

We are nearing the end – it is more than in sight:

CHVI – We need 25 more

Yes – 305

NO – 12


Yes – 111

No – 0

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We Are So Close – Vote Update – Keep Voting

CHV Amendment Update:

I’m sure many of you noticed your neighbors last weekend knocking on doors to get neighbors to vote and we’ve had a great response!!! BUT we are not done. We need 118 houses and 6 – yes 6 – more attached condominiums to vote.

Thank you to everyone who has voted. We have collected for CHVI:

212 – Yes

10 – No

We have collected for CHVII:

98 – Yes

0 – No

A Yes vote means you will continue to maintain your sidewalk, grass and tree and the HOA dues don’t rise to pay for additional services. A No vote means you want the HOA to manage the right of way property and you want HOA dues to rise to pay for the additional services. This property is the strip of grass between the sidewalk and curb, the tree and sidewalk.

If you don’t vote, that is the equivalent of voting No.


HOA board members,

Monica Wolfson & Leland Ropp.

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