2010 Holiday decorations winners

The Social Committee selected a few homes around the community that had some excellent holiday decor.  Please stroll or drive the Village and them out!

It was tough to select the best because there were so many great homes with great decorations.  Everyone should be very proud of how fantastic the Village looks.

A special thanks to everyone who decorated, whether they were mentioned or not!

Top 3 — These are in our order but honestly they really all won!

1. 50550 Coolidge

2. 50308 Hanock

3. 716 Buchanan

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

50291 Monroe

410 Hamilton

50326 Hancock

595 McKinley

804 Buchanan

606 Buchanan

310 Roosevelt

340 Roosevelt

49621 Garfield

49710 Garfield

49776 Garfield

410 Harrison

624 Constitution

50495 Coolidge

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