Livonia Builders’ promotional video about the Village

Check out Livonia Builders‘ new promotional video about the Village.

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3 Responses to Livonia Builders’ promotional video about the Village

  1. thewiaceks says:

    I’m happy about the video, but it says that there are no “cookie cutter” homes. Their homes are “cookie cutter” homes. Phase III is such a disappointment. It’s not what we signed up for when we built our home 5 years ago. I hope they make major changes in the next phases. I also hope they start building larger homes.

  2. TSheffield says:

    Personally, I like that there are homes of all sizes and shapes. Cookie cutter to me means they all look the same, like the subdivisions built in the 50’s and 60’s. My biggest complaint is that I did not get what I was promised when I bought my condo four and a half years ago. The promise of a “town atmosphere” with shopping and restaurants across the road were the reason I bought here instead of in Northville (where I could have had the same size condo for the same amount of money). That is what made me choose CHV. The video is nice but it wouldn’t make me want to buy here; seeing the “downtown area” alone would make me ask a lot of questions. Downtown seems to consist of a Coldstone and the theater only. Not exactly “downtown” is it?

  3. trackspeed says:

    People need to get over the “cookie cutter” homes already, no builder is going to custom build each individual home in the current marketplace. Let’s face it, we’re lucky there is any new construction activity at all.

    The supposed downtown area is a major disappointment however. The Cherry Martini going out of business is just unacceptable, and not to mention the coffee shop.

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