Architecture Change Request process

Did you know?

Any change to the exterior appearance of any home in Cherry Hill Village must be reviewed and approved by the Architecture Development & Review Committee (ADRC) prior to proceeding with the work.

The Architecture Development & Review Committee’s (ADRC) mission is to maintain and reinforce the unique character of Cherry Hill Village by applying the requirements of the Master Deed, Bylaws, and the Pattern Book to:

  1. Proposed exterior improvements to existing homes.
  2. Unauthorized changes to existing homes.
  3. Proposed new homes (potentially)

The Architecture Development & Review Committee (ADRC) meets on the THIRD Monday of every month.  Attendance is not mandatory for your request process, but might be helpful if your request is complex.

Any questions?

Review the request process at Architecture Development & Review Committee’s (ADRC) web page (must register and log in to access), or you can contact the ADRC at any time by emailing the ADRC at

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8 Responses to Architecture Change Request process

  1. shellygore7 says:

    Hi, I am trying to figure out how to or where to submit my propsal for a fence too? I sent the proposal that I was given to you and not sure what else to do. Thanks, Shelly

  2. tmcoliver says:

    Where do I find the forms to submit for some updates to my front yard area?

  3. Kristen Truong says:

    Click on the link for the Architecture Dev and Review Process above.

  4. kakiley1 says:

    Is approval needed for repainting the exterior in the same colors?

  5. jpenna2 says:

    Every time I click on the Architecture Dev and Review Process above to get the form for exterior changes, it tells me the link can not be found. It says…”Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.” Am I looking in the wrong area?

  6. Stanley Szczotka says:

    The link results in this: Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.

    It would be great to have this corrected, and the architecture modification form linked to this page in an obvious way. If it is here, I am not seeing it. Maybe it is just me?

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