CHV Economic Development committee Update

Minutes from the meeting with the Cherry Hill Village (CHV) Economic Development committee and the Township Economic Development Department on 2/10/11:

  1. Broker’s breakfast – Dec 10th  20 brokers attended. Home sales data briefing from Rose – CHV housing market is very active and have very low time on market compared to other areas. The Township is starting to prepare CHV marketing video (30-60 seconds) for the web, Facebook and other social media distribution. Some brokers have requested additional information about the area.
  2. Beztec – No more plans to convert remaining commercial space from commercial to residential (aside from space already under conversion); Beztec is committed to remaining space being retail.
  3. Schoolcraft College is working with the Township to get a high end restaurant into retail space on Ridge Rd with a known chef (who is a graduate of Schoolcraft’s program) to manage the facility.  The Chef is born and raised in Canton and working out business plans including liquor license.  The business will rely on the community to spread word and support the business.  The Chef knows that quality of food is key to the success or failure.  The Township and Beztek will support with free rent, redo parking, etc. SchoolCraft college views success of this project as key and will help the chefs school. SchoolCraft College is talking about other links for arts and growth of arts programs and is trying to form partnership with Village Theater.
  4. St. Joe Medical Center has no update yet. The Township is planning a meeting with them, but timing hasn’t aligned.  The Township is hoping St Joe will expand on existing IHS facility and look for other ways to boost related medical businesses.
  5. Uptown Sports Bar and Grill – working with liquor control commission to get license.  The Township has provided full cooperation in getting the liquor license. They plan to have a soft open with liquor only then build kitchen to supply food.  They are a couple of weeks away from getting license.
  6. Dog Park – opening targeted for May 20.  The Township expects significant activity because it is the only facility in the area.  They are looking for ideas on related retail or veterinary businesses that will appeal to pet owners.
  7. Parking – The Township is continuing to facilitate additional parking for retail and the proposed restaurant.
  8. Phil Lajoy, supervisor emphasizes the need for support from local residents for the businesses in the CHV area.  They are looking for residents to speak to anyone that might be interested in locating a business in Canton to consider the CHV area.  They request that any leads be passed to the Township and give them a shot at encouraging the business to locate in CHV.  The Township has marketing materials to give them and will do everything possible to support them.  April census data will be released shortly.  The liquor control commission will use numbers to allocate any new licenses for CHV area.  May possibly add more (only have two currently).  Any new applicant can expect 3-4 month process from initial application.
  9. Destaco property – under Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so can’t say much but something encouraging is happening.  There should be positive news in coming months.
  10. What can residents do to help?
    • Support, support, support (businesses and township)
    • Get names of potential prospects to Kristen Thomas at the Township.
    • Need to target sustainability

        Meetings will be monthly to synergize efforts and track progress

          Attended by Ed Krupa, Anton Botosan, Jim Saunders, Melissa Huetter, Jennifer Fowler Kristen Thomas, Phil lajoy.

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          1. Tim says:

            Does anyone know when the next CHV economic development meeting will occur? The notes on this page say they happen monthly but I can’t find a date on the calendar. Thanks.

          2. Kristen Truong says:

            Hi Tim — send a note to I know that a couple of the board members were on this development committee, so you should be able to get an answer.

          3. jenwali says:

            Any update on the restaurants mentioned above? We are moving into CHV next month & hopeful that more restaurants/businesses will be opening soon!

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