Throw a block party!

The snow is finally melting, so lets start thinking sunny thoughts… like block parties!  This is one of the most fun and nicest ways to get to know you neighbors.  Anyone can organize and throw a block party.  You can have the party in your alley (if you have one) or on the street.  Here are a few pointers:

  1. Pick your date early.  Let us know!  We can post it here on website.  Just send the info to
  2. Need to block the street?  Canton Township has a form (Block Party Application (PDF)) to submit.  You must distribute the form to all affected residents, and get signatures approving the party from 51% of the residents.
  3. Let residents know!  Put flyers on neighbors’ doors a few days before the party.  Let them know the details like what they should bring (drinks, food, etc.).
  4. Have fun.

Have any other questions? Please send a note to

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5 Responses to Throw a block party!

  1. tqmron says:

    Let me know when the Denton group is doing ours. Thank you Ron Berglund

  2. Kristen Truong says:

    We (the Social Committee/website) will only know if groups decide to publicize their block parties. This post is just an invitation for groups to organize.

  3. Linda says:

    I, personally, don’t think you should encourage having parties in the alley. Parking is at a premium and if I want to park in my garage, I have to drive in the alley. We already had issues with this last year, and I just think it’s very inconsiderate to block the alley.

  4. Kristen Truong says:

    Linda — this is why there is a special form that is required by the township in order to block to street. Everyone affected must be informed, and 51% of the houses must approve (township rules, not ours).

    I’ve also seen alley block parties that are out of someone’s garage that do not block the alley.

    This is post is just informational, we are not encouraging any particular kind of block party. There has been lots of interest in having block parties from past Social Committee surveys and communications from individuals, so we are just trying to help people get organized.

  5. Linda says:

    I understood about the notification process, and that the post was informational. And while you have “seen block parties that are out of someone’s garage that do not block the alley,” I have seen mostly the opposite with young children running around unsupervised and I just don’t think it’s safe.

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