Petition about Independence Park lighting proposal

I was asked to distribute the following letter by our neighbor, Lourdes Cornejo-Krohn, from Central Park.


Neighbors of Canton:

As you may be aware, the Canton Soccer Club Organization is working with Canton Township to install lights on two 11v11 soccer fields in the central west area of Independence Park. There was a meeting in February to discuss the proposal with homeowners, however they only invited homeowners from Liberty Street of Central Park.

We are discussing this topic with the Canton Supervisor next week. If you would be against the installation of lights, you can support your neighborhood by considering the following:

  • Soccer already starts as early as 7:00am through sundown (spring, summer & fall)
  • There shouldn’t be the need to continue playing after the sun goes down, specifically for children
  • If Canton has lights and our surrounding cities don’t, this becomes a likely spot for additional tournaments
  • Canton Township could begin using this park for additional festivals if lighting is available
  • Any and all of these concerns will increase traffic on Denton Road
  • Noise from the soccer field area will continue into the evening hours after the sun goes down (spring, summer & fall)

Currently the Summit already has baseball / soccer fields with lights on them. If they need more fields with lights, then they can install more there without any disruption to our neighborhood and the surrounding areas.

Ultimately, if they are attempting to make Independence Park a mini sportsplex for soccer, it will affect ALL of us, not just those homes who can see the park.  Those homes who are directly affected will have a harder time (in this already hard time) selling their homes and those homes will be included in all subdivision comps used to sell your home.

Concerned neighbors have been walking the neighborhood to sign a petition against the installation of these lights. If you haven’t had a chance to sign the petition and you are in agreement that you feel the lights are unnecessary, please reply to with your electronic signature including the homeowner name(s) and address and a statement that you are against the installation of lights at Independence Park to by Wednesday, March 30th.

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3 Responses to Petition about Independence Park lighting proposal

  1. Nick Miekstyn says:

    Why wouldn’t we want lights installed exactly?

    # Soccer already starts as early as 7:00am through sundown (spring, summer & fall)
    # There shouldn’t be the need to continue playing after the sun goes down, specifically for children

    So kids should be encouraged to play less soccer, and partake in less physical activity? Kids should sit on their ever expanding rear ends playing video games & increasing their waistline instead of enjoying the ability to be physically active?

    And this doesn’t apply specifically for children only, leagues from u19 up to adult over 50’s could utilize the ability to play matches after dark, expanding the scheduling flexibility of adult leagues significantly.

    Canton/Cherry Hill Village should welcome the improvement/expansion of lighting at Independence Park with open arms, this is a positive step for the city of Canton & it’s residents and represents a nice step forward in continuing to build Canton into a veritable hotbed for youth soccer.

  2. Kristen Truong says:

    Hi Nick — I just want to be clear that posting this petition is NOT an endorsement by the Cherry Hill Village HOA of the petition. We received a request to post this letter, and it is very relevant to the community, and it met our requirements for communicating the information. We welcome your thoughts on the “other side” of the issue!

  3. jwarzecha says:

    Additional activities leading to increased traffic on Denton road……Sounds like a great opportunity to drum up business for our faithful Cherry Hill Village businesses. We can’t have a thriving downtown without people. Use these activities to get the word our (fliers, signs, etc.) about the downtown Cherry Hill Village businesses. Maybe if the people come, so will new businesses.

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