Independence park lighting proposal UPDATE

I’ve received this update from our neighbor from Central Park, Lourdes Cornejo-Krohn, about the lighting proposal for Independence Park:

“All, We met with Supervisor Phil LaJoy on Thursday, March 31st with our petitions and concerns. You will see that due to the large number of concerned citizens from the neighborhoods of Central Park, The Hamlet(s) and Woods of Central Park, we have been able to stop the installation of lights at Independence Park. Thank you to all who helped make this happen.”


Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your input regarding potential changes to Canton’s Independence Park. Supervisor Phil LaJoy asked that I inform you that the proposal for the installation of lights at Independence Park is no longerĀ  under consideration.


Brad Sharp

Park and Facility Manager
Canton Township
1150 S. Canton Center
Canton, Michigan 48188

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    We are having a huge problem with raccoons at our condo buildings and I can’t keep paying $160 each time to have them relocated professionally. Is this something that the association can resolve? They are brazen creatures, visiting us almost nightly, getting into our egress window, and in the past residing under our patio chairs and using my planter pots for bathrooms. The closeness between the 2 condo buildings and the way the decks were built next door affords these creatures a place to hide underneath. They have no fear of us as they come right up to our side doors to peer in and don’t run away as they should. This causes me great concern.

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    Sorry… I posted this in the incorrect spot. My apologies.

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