Help send off Villager Laura Brunett and her fiancee this Friday, April 15th at 9 a.m.

Source: Canton Observer. Bill Bresler | staff photographer

Village resident Laura Brunett, daughter of residents Tom and Ann Beard, and her fiancee Joseph Crist hope to walk from Canton to Las Vegas, stopping to wed before they continue onto Los Angeles to see friends. Wow!  That is a trip worth celebrating!

If you are home on Friday at 9 a.m., please step out your front door and give them a smile and a wave!  They will be leaving from Laura’s house on Hancock and heading west!

From the Canton Observer:

Toting two backpacks stuffed with clothing, water dispensers, a small tent, lightweight sleeping bags and a miniature gas stove, Crist and Brunett, both 24, intend to start their journey April 15 and follow a path Brunett has estimated at nearly 2,600 miles.

Crossing mountains, rivers, prairies and deserts, they hope to arrive in Las Vegas by late September, marry near Lake Mead, spend a couple of nights at a resort, continue their walk to Los Angeles and return to Michigan — by plane — by late October.They’ve pondered a flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii for an adventure-crowning honeymoon, but they’re not certain.

Crist, a Canton Public Library page, and Brunett, an Outback Steakhouse employee, plan to quit their jobs. These free spirits have known each other since they were middle school age. They attended Eastern Michigan University and have been a couple for three years.  Read more

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