Key contacts for Cherry Hill Village

Want to talk to someone about Cherry Hill Village? Here’s our contact info:

  • Board of Directors:
  • KS Management (our management company) contact: Mike Ward — — 734-285-4442 ex. 101
  • Architecture Design & Review Committee: or at this ADRC webpage.
  • Requests to send out communications:
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3 Responses to Key contacts for Cherry Hill Village

  1. Shannonct says:

    Just moved here from Cincinnati Ohio and would like to have a Garage sale at the end of the month. Do I have to get an OK to move forward?, and can we send out message on HOA to let the neighborhood know date?? Thx.

  2. Tom&Liza angelo says:

    Liza Angelo is having a Lia Sophia jewelry party on June 15 2012 . At 310 Roosevelt st. Canton mi. . Beginning at 6:30pm til 10:00pm . Please RSVP by June 27 2012 by email. Here is my email adress Hope to see you there Liza!!!!!

  3. Tom&Liza angelo says:

    There has been an error on the RSVP date it is may 27 2012 instead of june 27 2012 thank you Liza

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