Canton township to enforce trash can size rules

Some of you may have received notices recently that your trash cans were too large for garbage pick-up.  Canton township trash pick-up rules state that trash cans must be 32 gallons or smaller and weigh 50 pounds or less.

While these rules have been in place for a long time, they have only recently started enforcing the rules.

More information from a recent Canton Observer article

Amid rising insurance costs and heightened worker-safety concerns, however, CWR employees have started attaching warning tags to trash containers that exceed the 32-gallon or 50-pound limit — longtime rules that many residents have ignored or, perhaps, didn’t know.

The warnings come as CWR workers starting Jan. 1 will stop picking up trash from containers that don’t comply with township rules — an enforcement decision that Municipal Services Director Tim Faas said has spurred as many as 120 phone calls a week.


To trim costs and use tax dollars wisely, officials say most CWR trucks now have only one worker picking up garbage from the back of a garbage truck — compared to two employees in the past. Denski said the company provides service each week to 26,984 households.

“One guy can only lift up so much weight in one day,” he said. “The larger containers are too bulky and heavy to lift, and reaching down in them presents a huge health risk from things like broken glass. Nobody wants to get injured by what’s inside a garbage can.”

Read more at the Canton Observer

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