Notes from Canton Economic Development meeting

Notes From a Meeting With

Kristen Thomas

on Economic Development


Cherry Hill Village

A group is working to acquire 400 acres in the village for development. Parcels go from cemetery to Procter and the Hamlet.  It involves many different entities and lots of different contracts to complete.  There is no single plan but the development it will have to follow the CHV/Township pattern book.  The group will want a master development agreement for all of the various parcels that get grouped together for the development.

A dog groomer is moving forward for a CHV store in the Theater business section.  Timing of opening depends on the decision of when to open to service the pets in the village.  Please use the facility when opened.

Sports bar is still pending liquor license. Cherry Martini does not seem to be moving toward reopening because the Liquor license is an issue and the partner not really seeming focused.  He understands business model and is asking all the right questions and is continuing to work to open.

Beztec is actively marketing the parcel at Cherry Hill and Denton to grocery stores.

There are several tacitly interest parties but no firm direction

Old Destaco property,  also known as the Ford Historic building at Cherry Hill and Ridge, is looking to expand the interest by offering to the Township (there is no interest because of the maintenance) or other not for profit corporations.  There are issues with the property such as: Environmental issues (flood plain’ wetland issues), Old clean-up issues, Historic district restrictions/requirements on property.

Other Canton activities

Oakwood Hospital has not had any current communications about the revised location at Michigan Ave and Beck.  Suspect that the economy may have delayed the progress.

Vinnie’s a new, hamburger restaurant, on Michigan is getting close to opening. No date yet, though.

Menard’s has expressed considerable interest in locating a store on Michigan Ave.  The Township is working to satisfy their needs for location and parking.

Dicks has decided to open a store on Michigan Ave.  Location is being research because of the many choice options.

Restaurants continue to look at opening in Canton including Michigan Ave because of the population center and limited selections.

Borders store already has several interested parties to lease because of the location and configuration of the building.  There will be no problem filling that location according to the owner.

The Township continues to work on improving the  Website to interest businesses in Canton including working on updating listing of available commercial properties.  They are investigating the subscription to broker services to increase availability of listed properties. (,,


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  1. Janet Vea says:

    Please send to my friend at 358 Constitution St. Email address is She has never received the email news letter.


  2. Kristen Truong says:

    Hi Janet — Please tell your neighbor to sign up on the website, and she will automatically be signed up for the newsletter.

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