The Social Committee needs your help!

The Cherry Hill Village Social Committee works year-round to provide children’s and adults social events for the community to enjoy.  For the past 2 years, Kristen Truong (that’s me) has been the chair of the Social Committee.  At the end of this year, I will be stepping down from this role, and to date there no volunteers to take up the chairperson responsibilities.

That’s where we need YOUR help!  We know that everyone is busy, but if you can put aside couple hours a month for the community, then we have some great opportunities to help out.  And rather than putting all of the responsibilities on one person, we have decided to split up the core duties.  Please let Kristen Truong at know ASAP if you are interest in any of these.

1.  Meeting coordinator:  Schedule the meeting each month (we plan to take turns for hosting location), put out the signs and send out meeting minutes.
2.  Children’s events:  Be in charge of the children’s events, making sure each event has a chair. FILLED!  Thanks Blake Crady!
3.  Adult’s events and fundraisers:  Be in charge of the adult’s events and fundraisers, making sure each event has a chair.
4.  Website admin:  Send out communications about social and other events through the website and email newsletter. FILLED!  Kristen Truong (that’s me again) will continue to do this.
5.  Treasurer:  Be in charge of the money!  FILLED!  Thanks Tammy Russo.

In addition, the Social Committee ALWAYS needs more members to help out with planning and individual events.  Membership is open to anyone in the community, and you can contribute at the level you are able. If you can’t attend the next meeting, then please send Kristen Truong ( a note, and she’ll make sure to get you on the email list!

Please attend our next meeting:

Monday, Sept 12th

7:30 p.m.

701 Roosevelt (Crady’s house)

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