Special HOA Board Notice regarding seal coating of roads

Special Notice to Cherry Hill Village Residents

Beginning  Tuesday, October 11, we will be seal coating all asphalt roads and alleys in The Village. Although we are trying hard to minimize any inconvenience, in order to seal the roads, there may be a few days where access is limited. Street parking will likely be limited and you may have to park on another street for an overnight period.

We have requested that the asphalt company complete this project as quickly as possible with minimal interruption, however some inconvenience will be necessary in order to properly seal the roads. We need to perform this maintenance to save the roads from water and salt damage and help to reduce major road repairs.

The map (below and attached) will give you an idea of when to expect the asphalting to begin on your street. Please be mindful of safety and parking during this period.  We expect to have good weather but that is the one unpredictable factor that could extend the project. You will be kept informed of any changes. K&J Asphalting will be doing this work and has already been here filling in cracks and repairing holes.  In addition to this notification, KS Management has placed a schedule in everyone’s door or mailbox and the asphalt company will also be marking scheduled streets the night before with cones and barricades.

We regret any brief inconvenience this may cause, but again, it is necessary that we maintain the roads to reduce future costs.

Should you have any questions, please use the email address for KS Management listed on the attachment  mike@ksmanagement.org

Thanks for your patience and continued support!

The Cherry Hill Board of Directors


The following areas are scheduled for seal coating, please park on adjacent streets
on your affected day. Notice of next day seal coating will be posted the night prior to in your area with orange cones/barrels & removed by contractors once that area is open for traffic, there will be a 24 hr. closure of sealed roadways. The Association could have a few areas that trash collection may not get picked up during this 8 day project.

Day 1: Scheduled date 10-11-2011 TUESDAY

  • Area 1 – Jackson Ln. from Denton to Buchanan
  • Area 3 – Harding St.
  • Area 4 – Colonial
  • Area 5 – Monroe between Roosevelt & Constitution
  • Area 6 – Burr St.

Day 2: Scheduled date 10-12-2011 WEDNESDAY

  • Area 1- Taylor Ln.
  • Area 2- Roosevelt St. from Jackson Ln. to Hancock St.
  • Area 3 – Alleyway between Patriot & Roosevelt/First alleyway South. Of Harding & alleyway between Bldgs.
  • G&H.
  • Area 4- All alleyways
  • Area 5 – All alleyways
  • Area 6- All alleyways

Day 3: Scheduled date 10-13-2011 THURSDAY

  • Area 1 – Garfield Ln. from Jackson Ln. to Buchanan.
  • Area 2 – McKinley Circle
  • Area 3 – Roosevelt from Harding to Hancock.
  • Area 4 – Constitution from Independence to Monroe St.
  • Area 5 – Filmore St. from Roosevelt to Monroe.

Day 4: Scheduled date 10-14-2011 FRIDAY

  • Area 1 – Buchanan from Jackson to Garfield Ln.
  • Area 2 – All alleyways
  • Area 3 – All remaining alleyways
  • Area 4 – All common parking
  • Area 5 – Fillmore St from Monroe to Hancock
  • Area 6 – Coolidge

Day 5: Scheduled date 10-15-2011 SATURDAY

  • Area 2 – Buchanan St from Hancock to Jackson
  • Area 3 – Roosevelt from Cherry Hill to Harding & Fillmore from Roosevelt to Hancock.

Day 6: Scheduled date 10-16-2011 SUNDAY

  • Area 2 – Jackson Ln. between Buchanan & Roosevelt
  • Area 3 – Patriot
  • Area 4 – Hamilton
  • Area 6 – Monroe St & Jefferson from Coolidge to Constitution

Day 7: Scheduled date 10-17-2011 MONDAY

  • Area 2 – Hancock from Buchanan to Roosevelt
  • Area 4 – Hancock from Liberty to Patriot
  • Area 5 – Hancock from Patriot to Roosevelt
  • Area 6 – Constitution from Grant to Jefferson

Day 8: Scheduled date -18-2011 TUESDAY

  • Area 5 – Jackson Ln from Constitution to Roosevelt/Jefferson St. from Constitution to Roosevelt/Roosevelt from Jackson Ln. to Grant

Rain delays:  Schedule will move forward as weather dictates.  


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