WOW! Internet Cable and Phone is coming to CHV!

You may have received a notice that WOW! will be installing cable services in our neighborhood.  It’s true!  The HOA Board has been working with WOW! to get this available.  This is an option that many neighbors have been asking for as an alternative option to Comcast.

  • WOW! will start the build process in the month of October.
  • Look for a WOW! representative to knock on your door in early December
  • WOW! provides 3 tiers of video service, 4 internet speeds up 50mg, 3 tiers of phone service, High Definition, Digital Video Recorders, Premium Channels, Digital music and other services.  Download the WOW! presentation to learn more (PDF)


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2 Responses to WOW! Internet Cable and Phone is coming to CHV!

  1. kakiley1 says:

    Let me add to the other posts regarding WOW. They made a mess of my driveway, cut my Comcast line and ADT service! That is not how to win new customers.

  2. Kristen Truong says:

    If you have issues with the WOW installation, contact our management company, and they should be able to direct you to the right people for resolution. Ken Schmaus at or 734-285-4442.

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