Asphalt and road repairs will continue

Greetings Neighbors!

Although it’s quick notification, we do have to wait for the weather report and the final go-ahead from the asphalt company, and do want to get the word out now that today, 11-1 and Wednesday 11-2, we will continue to try and complete the re-sealing project before more weather turns us away.  We’re very close, but need everyone’s cooperation in moving cars off the streets and obeying the barricades.  It will only help us down the road…pun intended!

The sealing is important to maintaining our streets and alley ways and we will make every effort to complete the project. Weather has “done us in” on many days, but we have some cooperation now from Mother Nature and hope that you will help us out as well.  These warmer days are critical and will definitely give us a chance to get the project toward completion. We know it’s short notice, but we have to get this in.

Thanks to all for your cooperation during this brief inconvenience. It is most appreciated!

CHV Board of Directors

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  1. adecembe says:

    Just wondering why the sealing coating was done in the latter part of the fall as opposed to earlier in the year (ie. early summer, early fall). As with the spring, October can be unpredictable at times.

  2. drmanrique says:

    Dear Kristen

    I am writing this email to express my distress and concern as to how the Association intends on getting the tar tracks off my car and garage floor!

    Signs indicating that the alley between Roosevelt and Patriot were to be paved earlier this week were posted. My wife and I parked our cars in the front of the house instead of usually in the garage. According to neighbors the paving was postponed because of weather.

    Today my wife backed her car into the ally from the garage only find that it was paved a couple of hours earlier and that our alley between Patriot and Roosevelt were wired off.

    Yesterday when I came home from work around1:00 in the afternoon there was no indication that this was going to be done. There were no signs posted when I drove my car into the garage. Today when she needed to drive the car she backed out only to find that it was freshly paved. Obviously since we could not leave the car in the alley she had to return it to the garage which brought in tracks of tar.

    The communication regarding this project was very faulty. When Harding Street was done we knew about it and acted accordingly we thought we knew what to expect when the alleys were to be paved and prepared for it. Instead we have fresh tar on our car tires and the floor of our garage.

    To date we haven’t had any maintenance issue and have been satisfied with your service but this is very upsetting.

    My question now is how do we seek resolution to the issue of tar marks on my garage floor and car?


    Dennis Manrique
    50178 Harding
    Cherry Hill Village
    Canton, MI, 48188

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