Please donate to the Social Committee

The Social committee is a group of residents who volunteer their time and efforts to make each season in the neighborhood memorable. The Social committee brings together a list of events through out the year, including the upcoming Bunny Day and the recent holiday progressive.

The Social committee could not do it without countless volunteers and the donations of the residents of Cherry Hill Village.

The Social Committee strives to create memorable events every year that bring the residents of Cherry Hill Village together socially. We want to strengthen the the community bonds, and spread a little cheer.

The Social committee operates solely from donations from the community and a few fund-raising events throughout the year. You can provide your donation SECURELY online through by clicking on the link below. You are welcome to provide a few dollars per person at each event you attend, or just provide $20 annually (this also helps us to plan ahead). Of course, more is always welcome!

Questions regarding the Social Committee or want to volunteer? Contact

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