Details Regarding the Picnic

Please find details regarding the 2012 Annual Picnic on Saturday, July 7th below:

Car Show:

Show off your car!  Bring your car to the park between 2:30 and 3:00.  Cars will be parked starting at the corner of Jackson and Roosevelt St. moving west parked on north side of Jackson.

Bike Show: 

Hey kids (and parents!), Show off your Olympic spirit by decorating your bike in an Olympic theme at home and bring it up to the park and put it on display for all to admire!  Bikes will be parked on display in grass between the south side of Jackson and park sidewalk.  Bikes need to be parked at 2:30pm!

Dog show: 

Registration will start at 2:30.  The show will begin at 3pm.  Contests include:

1)      Which dog looks most like their owner?

2)      Which dog is the smallest and largest?

3)      Which dog has the best trick?

Prizes rewarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Cupcake/Cake Pop Bake Off:

Bring a dozen or more decorated cake pops or cupcakes in the 2012 Olympic theme for a decorating contest.  Prizes for first, second and third place.  Drop off decorated cake pops or cupcakes at 4pm.  Voting will be between 5:0 and 6:00.  

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