One Way around the wooded park DELAYED

The one-way change has been DELAYED because of a snag that came up with the township.

The original design of the Village had one way traffic around the front wooded park (Constitution, Hancock and Liberty).  However, somewhere along the way it was turned into a two-way.

In order to aid traffic flow, we are going back to the one-way street design around the front park on Constitution and Liberty.  Please be extra careful of traffic during this transition!

Note: Constitution St. between the park and the fountain is still two-way.  The one-way traffic flow around the front fountain remains unchanged.  Constitution, Hancock and Colonial all remain two-way streets after exiting the park area.

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5 Responses to One Way around the wooded park DELAYED

  1. nancy earle says:

    Why not loop around the park in the opposite direction, the same way we loop around the fountain…the same backwards direction.

  2. Mariah Page says:

    According to the map above, Hancock will also be one way? I am wondering why this is going into effect. Is traffic in that area such a burden that we had to make it a one way street? It seems to me the Association should be spending more time on things that are important, like the maintenance of the condos or the sprayed on asphalt sealer that washed away in less then a year, or the hundreds of other maintenance concerns in the community. This seems like a waste of energy and a hassle for the residents of Cherry Hill. Were the plans that were approved through the township changed?

  3. Kristen Truong says:

    Reminder, as stated above, Constitution, Hancock and Colonial all remain two-way streets after exiting the park area. If you have questions/concerns about the plans or decisions of the board, please contact the board —

    Also, I believe that the fountain area has a “reverse one-way” design because that enables cars to enter the Village at the street light (versus making left turns without a street light off the busy Cherry Hill road). It is better to have the “regular” one-way design around the park because then cars are always making a safer right turns rather than lefts where the cars are always turning in front of one another.

    • Mariah Page says:

      Yes, that is what is stated above, but it is not what is indicated on the map. That is why I asked. I would suggest correcting the map to avoid any confusion.

      I will be happy to ask the Board, however I don’t know why there are options to leave a post if the Board does not monitor them.

  4. Mariah Page says:

    Per the community Management company, this project is not scheduled to take place Sept 1, it has been delayed and this notice should not have gone out as there are details still being worked out. Just an FYI, this is NOT taking place Sept. 1.

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