Change request form for CHV School Bus Stops

After Day 1 of the new bus stop changes for the elementary school, various parents have voiced concerns including the increased number of kids at each stop, the distance some kids have to walk to their new stop, and traffic congestion near the stops (because parents are driving to the stops).

One of our HOA Board members, Bridgette Cramton, has contacted the Plymouth Canton Transportation Dept. (734 414 8157) about these concerns and received a copy of the form for requesting changes to stop locations.  As this form is not available on the Transportation Dept. website, we are posting it here for any parents who are interested.  Bridgette also has some printed copies at her house (410 Hamilton St.).

PCCS Bus Stop Change Request Form (PDF)

From Bridgette:

 I spoke with someone from transportation again today and they admittedly have been receiving numerous calls from CHV but this certainly would back up those calls in writing.

The form is simple and takes a matter of minutes to fill out Name, Address, Current Stop, Proposed location (e.g. street corners of previous years stop), and Reason for request of stop change (e.g. stop congestion, safety, more than 300 yards from your home/if applicable etc…). If CHV is to get the old routes back which carried more stops, we need to submit these requests and show that there are numbers behind the phone requests.

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  1. aleza3 says:

    Please see CHV HOA FB page for more info on this issue.

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