All 2011-12 Workman Bus Stops to be re-instated!

Following some diligent work from HOA Board member Bridgette Cramton and support from our management company, the PCCS Transportation Department will be re-instating all of the Workman Elementary School bus stops from the 2011-12 school year.

Per PCCS Transportation:

“The implementation of last year stops will be reinstated in 1 week or less from 9-11-12. To begin the change the drivers will give each student a handout letting them know the location and time, along with what day it will begin.”

As part of this change, the HOA Board has agreed to look into constricted areas within the Village at bus stop areas.  One concern raised by the PCCS transportation Dept. is parents in parked cars at bus stops causing constricted clearance.  Board is considering plans to accommodate the bus routes and clearance issues.

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5 Responses to All 2011-12 Workman Bus Stops to be re-instated!

  1. Tim says:

    Why are we paying our HOA management company to help with school bus issues? Are bus issues something our HOA should be concerned with?

    • Cullen says:

      I think this is something everyone should be concerned with. I don’t have kids that catch the bus, but I think it’s great that Bridgette and team got involved to make sure the kids are safe.

  2. Mariah Page says:

    It was more than just Bridgette and the management company that got involved, it was the dozens of parents that called the department of transportation that requested that the change that was made by the Board to limit stops only to the parks be reinstated to their original locations. Unfortunately the whole story isn’t being told.

  3. Mariah Page says:

    Also, not all stops are corrected, only the elementary school stops.

    • aleza3 says:

      Mariah is right. There were scores of parents who worked on getting the elementary bus stops reinstated. Thank you to all of them, and to Bridgette, and to anyone else who helped get this mistake corrected.

      And I can’t say if the HOA mgmt company should be involved or not. However, there is no doubt that parents and neighbors should have been involved in the decision in the first place. I hope we have all learned from this.

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