Harding Block Party photos

Saturday Harding Street had it’s first annual “Rock the Block” block party. There were about 50 adults and 26 kids that joined for food, games, chalk drawing contests and a visit from the Canton Fire Dept. which allowed all the kids (young and old) to check out the fire truck and EMS unit up close and personal. In addition to pretty much every house on Harding participating, people from Patriot and Roosevelt joined in the celebration because — needless to say — we’re all neighbors!

Local Village merchants were kind enough to donate gift certificates and product to hand out as prizes and the township was extremely helpful in letting the block close the street to traffic with barriers provided by the Canton DPW.

Cor vanSpronsen has provided a Flickr photo album set up specifically for the occasion, allowing the participants to download any of the photos that they might be interested in. Enjoy!


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