Support the Partnership for the Arts in creating a community arts center

Partnership for the Arts and Humanities has recently purchased property in the Cherry Hill Village business district, and is looking for support from our community.  The following article was provided by the Partnership to highlight their work, and ask for donations for the ongoing work to restore the historical buildings in Cherry Hill Village.  The restored buildings will be used to create a regional arts and culture destination, including workshop space, common gallery space and retail outlet.

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Support the Partnership for the Arts in creating a community arts center (PDF)

Significance of Cherry Hill Arts Community

In 1944, Henry Ford opened Cherry Hill Mill as a small factory that was part of his Village Industry Project on the corner of Cherry Hill and Ridge Roads. The Ford Cherry Hill Plant began operations in July 1944; it served two main purposes: to provide training and rehabilitation for returning veterans and to supplement work at the Willow Run Bomber Plant.

Situated directly south of the Henry Ford Village Factory on Ridge Road is the residence hall that housed 18 to 20 war veterans. The arrangement was unique among the Ford Village Industries in that the war veterans, rather than the off-season farmers as in the other Village Industry Plants, were employed to produce parts for Ford’s various assembly plants. The building was originally a creamery built in 1900 until it was purchased and relocated by Ford to its current location.

Our Story

In August of 2012, the Partnership for the Arts and Humanities acquired this site enabling the Partnership to begin developing a strategic plan that will incorporate these historical Canton landmarks along with a master community revitalization plan for Cherry Hill Village. The vision is clear – transform this site into a regional arts and culture destination.

The Partnership believes that the “Cherry Hill Arts District” could contribute to Michigan’s new economy by providing affordable workshop space, in addition to a common gallery space and retail outlet for a unique assortment of locally produced goods. With almost 50,000 square feet in the main building, space would be made available for exhibits, along with offering a large social gathering venue with historical character for public rental. Further opportunities exist to partner with local universities and institutions for the advancement of art in educational settings, both indoor and outdoor across 14 acres.

Mission of Partnership for the Arts and Humanities

The Partnership for the Arts and Humanities is a 501(c)(3) cultural arts organization in Canton, MI. The Partnership’s ongoing mission is to encourage the development of the arts in the community by providing artists with financial support, advocacy and education.

The Partnership was instrumental in the construction of The Village Theater at Cherry Hill Performing Arts Center. The center is home to a number of Western Wayne County performing arts organizations, including: an orchestra, band, chorale groups, youth and adult theatre. Our mission is to encourage the development of the arts in society. On an annual basis, the Partnership provides grant funding to nearly a dozen different volunteer art organizations. The Partnership is committed to expanding the arts in our region while simultaneously revitalizing Cherry Hill Village and preserving the historic landscape of past generations.

How You Can be a Part of Making History

The restoration and remodel of the three buildings (original Henry Ford Village Factory, Creamery/Dormitory, and a 50,000 square foot industrial building) located at the southwest corner of Cherry Hill and Ridge Roads are the historical landmarks at the core of this project. The Partnership is looking for assistance in the following project areas: architectural design, construction, roof repairs, electrical system upgrades, exterior and interior painting, flooring, lighting, plumbing, interior decorating, parking lot improvements and landscaping. Projects can be supported with cash or in-kind contributions.

Donate Now (Make checks payable to)

Partnership for the Arts and Humanities
50430 School House Road, Suite 203
Canton, MI 48187

Contact Us

Jill Engel
Partnership Executive Director
(734) 765-7061

Visit Cherry Hill Factory & WWII Veteran’s Dormitory

50625 Cherry Hill Road
Canton, MI 48188
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