Update on requested bus stop for Grant St.

school-bus-stop-colorThere have been inquires to the Cherry Hill Village HOA and PCCS Transportation regarding a bus stop on Grant St. The HOA Board voted to support an added bus stop, under the conditions that no other bus stop would  be moved and/or omitted. The HOA approached PCCS Transportation regarding this request.  However, PCCS Transportation determined that all Cherry Hill Village elementary-aged children already have bus stops provided within the District Guidelines. No additional bus stops will be added to Cherry Hill Village at this time. The following Transportation Info Sheet guidelines and some facts that are directly related to the Grant St request are included below for reference.

The guideline for elementary aged children to walk to a bus stop is 300 yards/ 900 feet.

  • There are two bus stops for Grant St families to choose from Jefferson / Roosevelt & Jackson / Harrison both well within the guideline
  • From the West end of Grant (incurring the farthest distance) to Jackson / Harrison = 807 feet
  • From the East end of Grant (incurring the farthest distance) to Jefferson / Roosevelt = 794 feet
  • From the middle of Grant to each of the aforementioned stops is an average of 614 feet

State of Michigan website

  • States that “It is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian to see that a child gets safely to and from the bus stop. The school district provides transportation as a non-mandated service and establishes placement of the bus stops in accordance with the requirements of the law” (this is reference to conditions i.e. no sidewalks, busy roads, etc…)

PCCS Transportation website

  • Reminds parents that they may not always be able to see their child from their home while they walk or wait at the bus stop. Seeing the student is not part of the bus stop placement criteria
  • Parents, guardians or other authorized persons of kindergartners need to accompany their child to the bus stop and meet the bus during the noon drop off or the afternoon drop off. The bus driver is instructed not to leave the kindergartner alone. We do this for your child’s continued safety.

Thank you
Bridgette Cramton

Director, Cherry Hill Village HOA

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