CHV Garage Sales are No Longer Sponsored by the Social Committee

garage sale
The social committee has been busy working hard to provide our growing community with quality events that are on a level we’ve never attempted before. Live entertainment, professional face painters, a carnival ride, food vendors, etc. Therefore, we’ve decided to no longer sponsor a subwide garage sale. We hope you understand and agree that a garage sale is not a “social” event. We feel our efforts are better utilized by focusing on events that make CHV a fun, memorable, and unique place to live.

Please feel free to host a garage sale whenever you wish. Even rally a few neighbors to join you! Go ahead and use the comments under this post on Facebook to coordinate something together if you’d like. We’d be happy to post the days/times the majority of you agree upon. If anyone would like to be the point of contact for any coordination effort, let us know and we can post that too!

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