Reminders and Canton Ordinance about fireworks

fireworksAs we approach the Fourth of July, please remember to abide by Canton Ordinance as well as be a “good neighbor” when you consider your celebration plans.

Canton has a detailed ordinance regarding fireworks, which can be read on the online ordinance page.  There is a $500 fine for not following the ordinance. Here are the highlights:

  • No fireworks shall be ignited or discharged within 70 feet of any building, or on any public street.
  • Pyrotechnic devices for professional use (which may be similar to consumer fireworks, but are larger) and display fireworks (large fireworks devices that are explosive materials intended for use in fireworks displays and designed to produce visible or audible effect) require a permit from the township.
  • Consumer fireworks are firework devices that are designed to provide visible effects by combustion. Consumer fireworks can only be used on the day preceding, the day of, or the day after a national holiday between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m. (midnight) only.
  • Low-impact fireworks (ground and handheld sparkling devices) and novelties (caps, noisemakers) are allowed, but must be ignited or discharged more than 70 feet of any building, or on any public street.
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