Pet Rules, Regulations and Ordinances

walk_the_dogDear Cherry Hill Village Resident:

While the vast majority of CHV residents are very considerate of their neighbors, this communication is simply intended to remind all CHV I and CHV II residents of the CHVHA and Canton Township animal or pet rules/ordinances.

Herriman & Associates has received multiple complaints of some pet owners not cleaning up after their pet and being loose or walked without leashes. We ask that you please abide by the Bylaws which state that No dogs or other pets shall be permitted to have excretions on any Common Elements, except areas designated by the Association, if any, and Owners shall be responsible to clean-up any such excretions. ALL PETS SHALL BE KEPT ON A LEASH WHEN NOT IN THE APPLICABLE UNIT OR, IF APPLICABLE, THE UNIT’S FULLY ENCLOSED REAR YARD.

Read the full memo:

Pet Issues – Notice to Co-Owners About Pet Rules & Regs 08-14-14 (pdf)

We appreciate your assistance with these matters.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Jeff McDuff, Site Manager
Cherry Hill Village
Herriman & Associates, Inc.
Management Agent for
Cherry Hill Village

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