important-infoLet’s begin the New Year with a quick round up of accurate information pertaining to our community.  Please take a moment to read this in it’s entirety:

The HOA Board along with representatives from Herriman meet the third Monday of every month (excluding Dec & Feb) at 6pm in the boardroom on the second floor of the Human Services Building, located behind the old schoolhouse on Ridge Rd. CHV residents are welcome to attend any board meeting. If for any reason the room is unavailable, the meeting will be held in a different room of the same building and a notice will be posted. This information is perJeff McDuff, our site manager, Herriman & Associates at 41486 Wilcox Rd. Plymouth, MI 48170 Phone: 734-459-5440  . You can also contact the HOA board at any time via email at

The HOA Board is a separate entity from both the Social Committee and the Christmas in the Village Planning Committee. Contact for information on neighborhood social events and how you can get involved.

Also, the Architecture Design & Review Committee is its own group focused on maintaining a cohesive look to our neighborhood. Contact them at for things like landscaping, fence, and patio approval.

Please bookmark this page for any future reference. Thank you!

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