Street Sign Upgrade — a memo from our management company

streetsignDear Cherry Hill Village Resident:

This communication is to alert residents that beginning as early as this week, CHV Street name signs will be taken down for structural upgrades.  Herriman & Associate detected a structural flaw in the street signs (name) during a weather event that damaged about five signs. It appears that one batch of signs that we received have the structural flaw and need to be upgraded. This was brought to the attention of the sign company, Townsend Sign.

Townsend Sign examined the signs with their engineer and designed an upgrade to strengthen the signs. Townsend Sign will make these upgrades at no charge to CHVHA. There are approximately 40 signs that will need the upgrade.

The repairs will be grouped into ten signs at a time with a two week completion time per 10 signs. Estimated completion for all ~40 signs will span a 6-8 week time frame.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

Download memo:

2014 Street Sign Upgrade – General Memo to All Residents (PDF)

Jeff McDuff, Site Manager

Cherry Hill Village | Herriman & Associates, Inc.

Management Agent for Cherry Hill Village

734-495-0505 |

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