Sold Out – Bunny Basket Delivery

It’s that time of year again!  Want to make Easter morning an occasion to remember?  Reserve your spot for Bunny Basket delivery on Sunday, April 5th.
Either on Easter morning or the evening before, please remember to set out PRE-FILLED Easter Baskets for each child in the home.  The Bunny will hop by to deliver the pre-filled baskets and take time for hugs, snuggles & pose for photographs.
The Bunny has time to stop at 15 homes.  The spots are determined on a first come, first serve basis.  Times will range from 8:00-10:00.  Please indicate whether you prefer an early or late time.  We will do our best to honor each request, but cannot assure you that your chosen time hasn’t already been taken.  One week prior to delivery, we will email each participant to narrow down your delivery time.
This is a fundraiser for future events and the donation for the occasion is $10 for each family (not each child) for those who have paid 2015 Social Committee dues.  For families who have not paid 2015 dues, the donation is $15 per family (not per child).
To sign up, please go to PayPal via -> Committees -> Social Committee.  Click the link for Easter Basket Delivery & select the donation that applies to your family.
In the comments section, please:
~Verify your address
~Let us know how many children are in the home
~Indicate your preferred time slot
Please email with any questions.
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