Home Brew Progressive this Saturday!

7-7-2014 4-06-10 PMThomas Jefferson once said, “Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.” What better reason is needed for socializing and sampling beer and wine fermented the Artisan way? So come join the CHV neighborhood homebrew progressive with beer and wine hand crafted by your very own neighbors. Each 1-1/2 hour stop at this 3 house tour is ensured to delight and enlighten the novice through the experienced beer enthusiast with their craft creations, finger snacks and passion to please.

Samplings include but not limited too: – Red Rye – Sour Rye – Belgian Blonde ale – Blueberry Wit – Bourbon Barrel Amber – Scotch Ale – West Coast IPA – Vintage Sour Barrel – Various fruit wines and cider – Old Fashioned Root Beer Feel free to try one or try them all and definitely don’t be shy to to ask your host or hostess all about the stories behind their brews. Hope to see you there!

7:00 pm – 50088 Harding Street

8:30 pm – 612 Filmore Street

10:00 pm – 830 Constitution Street

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