A final word from our Christmas in the Village Chair.



We have another fun-filled Christmas in the Village to remember, and I sincerely hope you had a wonderful time at our event! We started organizing in March, and worked right up until moments before to create some neighborhood magic for everyone.  None of it would have been possible without ample assistance from neighbors, volunteers, sponsors, and local businesses.

Amanda Eason, Wendy Sielaff, Betsy Kopke, and Sharon Keener – thank you for putting your lives on hold to make this year’s Christmas in the Village an unforgettable occasion for our community.  To other members of the Social Committee and fellow neighbors who helped prepare in advance and/or gave your time on the day of the event – Mike Sielaff, Tammy, Mallory & Matt Russo, Hayden Crady, Jack Ventimiglia, Nancy Earle, Carly & Jenna Richards, Mindy Werner, Amy Teller, Alison Nashlon, Heather Fradette, Jill Penna, Lynette Bejma, Katie Lysenko, Colleen O’Sullivan, Megan Reyes, Bruce Keener – I am so very thankful to you all!  To The Truongs, The Easons, The Tellers, The O’Sullivans, The Keeners, The Sielaffs, The Carls & The Ventimiglias – cheers to your family’s willingness to loan us equimpment that helped keep everyone warm and entertained! You’re the very embodiment of the community spirit our neighborhood is known for.

There is one note of apology I would like to make.  An hour into our event, the larger of our two trains broke down.  So sorry to the little ones and their parents who waited in line for a very long time for your turn. I hope you were able to take in the different attractions and otherwise enjoy yourselves while you waited.  I very much appreciate your patience! Our sponsors for this attraction were so generous and understanding, my apologies to them as well.

The success of Christmas in the Village is a direct result of the abundant support we received from within the local business community.  Without their generous contributions, we simply would not have had the ability to provide such an amazing event.

We are delighted to report that we were able to raise over $3000 to donate to The Partnership for Arts & Humanities! Again, there is no way we could have reached this incredible amount without such generosity . I’d like to mention the following neighbors who supported the silent auction  – Jenny Jones: Keep Collective, Arwa Khoury: A to B Custom Creationz, Ashka Salon, and Mary Haulk’s Farm Stand.

This holiday season, I am humbled and grateful to be a part of our community.  I feel fortunate to be surrounded by such extraordinary people in our neighborhood.  It is always a delight to plan an event for neighbors & friends who provide so much support.  Merry Christmas CHV!


Blake R. Crady
Christmas in the Village Event Chair


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