Catch Basin Repairs Start July 20

July 15, 2016
RE: CHV Catch Basin Repairs
Dear Cherry Hill Village Resident:
This communication is to alert residents that catch basin repairs will be performed on Wednesday July 20th throughout CHV (WEATHER PERMITTING). There will be five catch basins repaired; two will be in the alleys and three in the streets. We ask you to please be cautious in these areas when leaving and returning to your residence. When leaving and returning, you may have to use the other end of the alley to access your home. There may be a few units that might have to park in the street if a catch basin is blocking the access to your drive.
The process will most likely be a one day process as there are only five catch basins being repaired; with saw cutting the asphalt first, removing the asphalt second and catch basins being repaired and then the cut out area replaced with concrete (weather permitting). The concrete cure time is seven days before any vehicle may drive on it; construction barrels will be placed around that area during the cure time.

Please check map for catch basin locations.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Jeff McDuff, Site Manager
Cherry Hill Village
Herriman & Associates, Inc.
Management Agent for
Cherry Hill Village


Map was previously not available, but here it is.

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