CHV Parking

Dear Cherry Hill Village Resident This Is a Friendly Reminder:

While the vast majority of CHV residents are very considerate of their neighbors, this communication is simply intended to remind all CHV I and CHV II residents to be thoughtful as to where you are parking your vehicle(s).

As you know the streets and alleys in CHV are very narrow and some are more difficult to negotiate than others, especially in areas like the corner of Roosevelt St. and Harding St., Roosevelt St. between Harding St. and Hancock St. and Constitution St. at Liberty St. These areas receive a lot of traffic entering and leaving CHV. It is especially important that residents be mindful of where they park in the more challenging areas.

We have had several complaints of people parking directly behind driveways making it almost impossible for the driveway owner to exit his or her driveway. Please take that into consideration when choosing your parking location.

We ask that you please abide by the Bylaws which state that “All owners shall use at least one (1) space in their respective garages for the parking of a vehicle” (Article VI; Section 6, General Conditions (H).

There is “no parking” on the mailbox side of streets in CHV. We would ask that you not park on the mailbox side.

There is “no parking” in the alleys in CHV. (Article VI; Section 6, General Conditions (H).

We appreciate your assistance with these matters.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Jeff McDuff, Site Manager

Cherry Hill Village

Herriman & Associates, Inc.

Management Agent for

Cherry Hill Village


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