We need your help!!!

Firstly, the HOA board wants to thank everyone who attended last night’s annual meeting. It was a large group — perhaps even a record number — and we achieved quorum with 116 designated voter attendees. A lot of people came with their spouses and I think we had at least 150+ people. So, thank you for coming out to hear our lawyer speak. He was knowledgeable, informed and answered all of your questions. If anyone has any more questions, please forward them to asktheboard@mychv.com and we can get them addressed by the lawyer.

But now IT’S YOUR TURN TO HELP. As Mr. Guerra said, we need 330 houses and 104 attached condominiums to vote in the affirmative in order to pass the master deed amendment. Last night was a good start, but if everyone who attended last night’s meeting got 3 or 4 votes from their neighbors, we can be successful.

If your neighbors threw out their documents: Here is the packet for CHVI houses, and here for CHV II attached condos.

Lastly, WE HEARD YOU SPEAK. What made the biggest impression last night was that our neighbors are not keeping up their sidewalks even when they get notices by the HOA to fix trip hazards. And the HOA isn’t doing a good job in hounding people to do the work.

We are committed to addressing this problem. Stay tuned.

Again, thank you for participating.

Monica Wolfson, HOA board secretary.



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