Amendment Vote Update


CHV Amendment Update:

Thank you to everyone who has voted. We have collected for CHVI:

162 – Yes

8 – No

We have collected for CHVII:

81 – Yes

0 – No

A Yes vote means you will continue to maintain your sidewalk, grass and tree and the HOA dues don’t rise to pay for additional services. A No vote means you want the HOA to manage the right of way property and you want HOA dues to rise to pay for the additional services. This property is the strip of grass between the sidewalk and curb, the tree and sidewalk.

If you don’t vote, that is the equivalent of voting No.

In order for the amendment to pass, 2/3 or 330 homes of the 495 in the village must vote Yes. We still have a ways to go and the deadline is Jan. 5. We need 167 more homes to vote.  If you have voted, please talk to at least 2 neighbors and urge them to vote.

We have almost 80 % of the respondents for CHVII. We need 2/3 of 156 condo owners or 104 to vote Yes for the amendment to pass. For CHVII, we are almost there!!!

What we have found is that when neighbors talk to neighbors, we have great success. Last night, we were at an information session on Garfield and about 10 people came. If anyone else wants to host an information session with their neighbors, let me know and I will come with voting packets and talk with anyone seeking information.

The four-page voting packet is on the MYCHV.COM website and can be found here.

If your printer isn’t working and you need of a voting packet for yourself or friends, please contact us at and we can drop one off. If you have filled out your packet and don’t know what to do with it, drop it off at 878 Roosevelt St. Ring the bell and if I’m not home, put it in my mailbox.

Hopefully all of you will enjoy Christmas in the Village on Saturday and the holiday lights for the rest of the month.

HOA board members,

Monica Wolfson & Leland Ropp.

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  1. hbelanger says:

    How much would dues go up? Also, if we continue maintaining our sidewalks (voting yes), who decides when the sidewalk needs to be fixed?

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