We Are So Close – Vote Update – Keep Voting

CHV Amendment Update:

I’m sure many of you noticed your neighbors last weekend knocking on doors to get neighbors to vote and we’ve had a great response!!! BUT we are not done. We need 118 houses and 6 – yes 6 – more attached condominiums to vote.

Thank you to everyone who has voted. We have collected for CHVI:

212 – Yes

10 – No

We have collected for CHVII:

98 – Yes

0 – No

A Yes vote means you will continue to maintain your sidewalk, grass and tree and the HOA dues don’t rise to pay for additional services. A No vote means you want the HOA to manage the right of way property and you want HOA dues to rise to pay for the additional services. This property is the strip of grass between the sidewalk and curb, the tree and sidewalk.

If you don’t vote, that is the equivalent of voting No.


HOA board members,

Monica Wolfson & Leland Ropp.

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