Monthly meeting and Vote results

Thank you to everyone who voted during the amendment election.  I want to give you some perspective on the vote totals, and I hope Eric doesn’t judge my math too harshly. (Eric was one of our awesome community volunteers, who is also a high school math teacher).

In CHVI (detached homes) we have 495 residences and needed 330 to respond in the affirmative.  Results were:

Yes – 370 (74.7 %)

No – 16  ( 3 %)

In CHVII (attached homes) we have 156 residences and needed 104 to respond in the affirmative. The Results were:

Yes – 120 (76.9)

No – 0

Perspective – 77.7 % of all residences voted, while 145 of 651 homes (or 22 %) did not vote at all. This not only showed an overwhelming support for the amendment to maintain the status quo in maintaining sidewalks and the property that abuts the road by the co-owner, but  we achieved real community engagement.

Next – our monthly meeting is tomorrow (Jan. 15, 2018). I only received the agenda a few hours ago. Here it is.

The board meets at 6 pm in the second floor board room of the Canton social services building on Ridge Rd.

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