Sidewalks and doors and when will it stop snowing!!!

If anyone attended the annual meeting, in addition to discussion about the master deed amendment (which passed), there were several residents who described injuries they’d sustained from tripping on sidewalks in our neighborhood. While the HOA board conducted inspections three years ago, our Herriman Associates man, Jeff McDuff, will head out this spring and conduct another round of inspections, focusing on safety issues and trip hazards. If you are cited for a trip hazard, it is your responsibility to fix your sidewalk.

As of late, residents have been talking about how to hire a concrete contractor? Not to worry. Mr. McDuff is keeping a list of residents who want to be included in the HOA’s concrete contract. If you contact him at, he’ll come by and inspect your sidewalk, discuss your options and put you on the list. A group concrete contract will save you and the HOA money. The HOA concrete work is normally done in July.

So, while you are checking out your sidewalk, you may decide you need to paint your house or replace your front door.

Work on the outside of your house needs approval from architectural and design committee. Contact them at for more information on what you need to do.

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