Architecture Design & Review Committee

The Architecture Design & Review Committee’s (ADRC) mission is to maintain and reinforce the unique character of Cherry Hill Village by applying the requirements of the Master Deed, Bylaws, and the Pattern Book to:

  1. Exterior improvements to existing homes.
  2. Unauthorized changes to existing homes.

Any change to the exterior appearance of any home in Cherry Hill Village must be reviewed and approved by the ADRC prior to proceeding with the work.

Key documents:

Any questions?  You can contact the ADRC at any time by emailing us at

Architecture Change Request Process

You can also review a visual roadmap of the process by clicking the thumbnail on the right.

visual roadmap

  • Complete Architectural Change Request (ACR) Form (PDF). Be sure to complete as much of the ACR as possible.  Include any additional detail to help describe your proposed project.  In many cases, the ADRC will be looking for a mortgage survey (or site plan) that accurately shows your fence, wall, deck, patio, etc.
  • ADRC receives, reviews, and responds to your request. The ADRC logs your request and reviews it to make sure we have enough information to understand and evaluate your request.  We’ll contact you if we need you to provide more information or clarify some part of your request.  The ADRC will makes its decision and return the ACR to the homeowner. If approved, the homeowner may proceed with obtaining permits. If rejected, the homeowner can revise and resubmit their ACR or choose to no longer pursue their project.
  • Obtain Building Permit from Canton Township. It is the sole responsibility of the homeowner to apply for and obtain building permits to support their request.  Fences and decks definitely require building permits.
  • Homeowner Construction. Homeowner and/or selected contractor proceed with construction per the ADRC approved request and building permit, if applicable, complying with all Canton Township inspection requirements.
  • ADRC Final Inspection. Historically, projects in Cherry Hill Village have been limited to simple decks, patios, and fences and have not required that the ADRC look over final construction to make sure it conforms to what was approved.  However, the ADRC reserves the right to perform final inspections on complicated, elaborate, or sensitive projects to insure compliance.  The ADRC will notify homeowners on the approved ACR form if their project requires a final inspection.
  • Canton Township Final Inspection. If applicable, homeowner obtains final inspection from Canton Township when project is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the review process take?

We like to reserve two weeks to review a proposal, but approvals are usually given before then.  We typically do not hold all requests and review them at the next meeting.

2.  I completed the Architectural Change Request, now what?

You can email your completed form to and we’ll take care of the rest.

Current committee members (as of 2010)

  • Steve VanBrussel | Chairperson
  • Barb Babut
  • Steve Jaskowski
  • Gordon Johnson
  • Tim Phillips
  • Len Russo

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  1. Anne Frantz says:

    To clarify, the architecture committee will meet again Mon, April 16 @ the old schoolhouse? Do we need to put our name on the agenda or be assigned a time to present the proposed changes? The meeting starts at 6:30, correct? Please confirm information at my email address: Many thanks! Anne Frantz, 50494 Coolidge Street. 248.703.5866

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