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Management Company

Association dues are due monthly.  Herriman & Associates will send you envelopes every year.  If you’re new to the village, do not assume you will get these automatically.  Please contact the main office at 734-459-5440 to request your envelopes.  Herriman & Associates also offers automatic withdrawals from your checking account for payment of quarterly association dues.

Daniel A. Herriman, CMCA, AMS
Herriman & Associates, Inc.
Community Association Managers
41486 Wilcox Rd.  l  Plymouth, MI  48170
Phone:  734-459-5440, Email:


Homeowners Association Board & Committees

Board Meetings are held monthly to deal with business operations.  Semi-annual meetings are held to review the Association status with the entire association.

HOA Board meetings are the third Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at the Canton Human Services Building located at 50430 School House Rd on the Second Floor Board Meeting Room. Contact the board at to confirm a month’s meeting date and time.

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  • Architecture Design & Review Committee:
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8 Responses to Key contacts

  1. Leah says:

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good painter for the exterior of the house?

    • Maupin531 says:

      Impeccable Painting-
      We are a family owned and run residential and commercial Painting Business. We run our office right our of our home, and we are actually moving to CHV (the corner of Buchanan) in Late May!

      You can call Brent at 734.560.9402 to have him come out and give you a Free Estimate.

  2. RyanBloom says:

    We are closing on our house in CHV this week and I’m not really sure how the “temporary mailbox” thing works. I know they are located at the west end of the large park, but is there any rhyme or reason to “claiming” one? I was told to simply put my address on one; is there any systematic approach to this? Please let me know!

  3. spelukas says:

    When are the montly HOA meetings, nothing is listed on the calendar? and where? thanks!

    • Kristen Truong says:

      HOA board meetings are the first Mondays of the month at 6:30 in the basement of the Human Services Building behind the schoolhouse. Room A in the Studio Wing. However since the 1st Monday in July is the 4th of July week, it is re-scheduled to July 9th. Contact the board at to confirm a month’s meeting.

  4. Tom&Liza angelo says:

    we would appreciate for those pet owners who take their pet out to do their business to clean up after them, we would like to keep the neighborhood clean. I think there should be a fee for all home & condo owners including renters to help with the cleaning of dog messes. There are times I see people walking there dogs or even stand out on the porch and they don’t pick up the mess, there has been times I see the build up of dog feces on the lawn. something need to be done.

  5. viso40 says:

    Right now we are renting but thinking about buying. What are the condo association fees?

    • Kristen Truong says:

      Hello — The association is broken up into two different sub-associations (referred to as Cherry Hill Village I and Cherry Hill Village II). Cherry Hill Village I includes all the “houses”, and these HOA homes include less amenities than Cherry Hill Village II (no exterior maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, etc.). The HOA fees for Cherry Hill Village I is currently $55/month. Cherry Hill Village II includes the traditional “condos” (attached homes); the HOA fees for these homes varies by the condo size. You can contact the management company if you would like to know exact costs on a specific condo.

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