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10th Amend MD – Cherry Hill Village9th Amend MD – Cherry Hill VillageThese documents are the property documents that define the site condominium requirements for the homes (referred to as Cherry Hill Village 1) and the condominiums (referred to as Cherry Hill Village 2).

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11 Responses to HOA documents

  1. spelukas says:

    Where is the up todate information kept? How often is the landscaping and administrative work re-quoted for competitive pricing?

  2. gwenjoy says:

    What is the update on financing and scheduling for repairs of the condos for CHV II. Will this include the list we were asked for a year ago to our individual units?

  3. SHarris says:

    I will be moving into 50210 Grant St. in mid May and was wondering where I could find the “Pattern Book” for landscaping changes, which I’ve seen mentioned several times. Is this document available?

    • Kristen Truong says:

      Welcome to the Village! You can contact the Architecture Design and Review committee for any questions about the “Pattern Book” (I’m sure one of them has a copy), and can provide you any answers about landscaping changes. Email them at adrc@mychv.com.

  4. mimi8778 says:

    Where are the up-to-date meeting minutes? We are never able to make a meeting but would still like to know what is going on. The last minutes posted were from 9 months go. Thanks!

    • Kristen Truong says:

      All documents provided to the website admin have been published. If you are looking for more recent minutes, please request these directly to the HOA board at asktheboard@mychv.com.

  5. acm2986@gmail.com says:

    My wife and I are currently building a home within Cherry Hill Village, and she would like to open a in home daycare. I have looked at the by-laws and see nothing saying that we cannot. Is this in fact the case? Are we allowed to have a in home daycare with a small group of children?

    • Kristen Truong says:

      Hello — I recommend sending your question directly to our HOA Board, as they can best answer your question (I’m just the website admin). Send you question to asktheboard@mychv.com. Welcome to the Village!