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Please access the sub-menu items to find Homeowners resources:

  • HOA documents — access park reservation information, HOA Board meeting minutes, HOA master documents, and more!
  • Community resources — find helpful links for navigating our neighborhood, such as a babysitting list, trash guidelines and dog owner responsibilities.
  • Key contacts — get contact information for our management company, HOA Board, and committees.


3 Responses to Homeowners resources

  1. edolliejr says:

    Good afternoon. We are new residents of CHV and look forward to meeting many of you. Does anyone know if there is a particular person to call regarding broken mailboxes? We move in this weekend, but our mailbox has snapped off the mount:(. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Ed Ollie

  2. Tom&Liza angelo says:

    There as been a problem with people parking in the alleys, and their cars seem to stay for a month or more not being moved at all, if there is no parking in the alleys, why is it not posted. it is an inconvience for other who need to get out of their garages. This is not a storage bin for cars to be kept.

  3. Kristen Truong says:

    Hi Tom and Liza — Send a note to our management company about it. This is something they should be able to deal with.

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