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Cherry Hill Village is a community with rich local amenities. Continue reading to learn more about the cultural attractions, and history.

Cherry Hill School

Originally built to serve the Cherry Hill School District, Henry Ford soon took an interest in the school and area as one of his “Village Industry” initiatives. Henry Ford made numerous building improvements, brought in specialized teachers, and provided medical and dental services for the children until he died in 1945.

The operation of the school was given back to the district which continued to operate it. By the early 1960’s, children were moved to more modern schools and by the mid-1980’s the schoolhouse was dead storage for the school district.

Plymouth Township acquired this historic school in the mid-1980’s from the Plymouth-Canton School district and begun renovation on this historic structure. In 1988 it was reopened for public use.

The school house is available for public and business events. Contact Canton Township for more information.

Village Theater

The following excerpt is taken from the Village Theater website.

The Village Theater at Cherry Hill is a 400 seat, premiere performance venue at the corner of Cherry Hill and Ridge Roads in Canton, Michigan. The 30,000 square foot performing arts and education center sets the stage for both participants and patrons of the arts.

As a centerpiece of the Cherry Hill development, the theater adorns a charming village of homes, shops and community parks while embracing arts and cultural education.

The Village Theater attracts regional attention while offering opportunities for all ages to experience:

  • the joy of many styles of music
  • the magic of live theater
  • the thrill of dance
  • the excitement of fine art exhibitions
  • classes in all the arts
  • and many other cultural and community event

Visit the Village Theater website to learn more.

Preservation Park

Preservation Park includes several historical structures and is location just short walk down Ridge Road. The centerpiece of the park is the Barlett-Travis home.  This historic home provides a glimpse of local life during the mid-1800’s and the impact the Civil War had on the Bartlett-Travis Family.

Originally located on the corner of Warren Road and Canton Center Road, the relocated structure was faithfully restored. Several buildings have also been added including the recently relocated Cady/Boyer Barn.

The house and grounds are available for rent for your upcoming social and business event. Visit the Canton Leisure Service website to learn more.

During the spring, summer and fall months, Preservation Park hosts the Canton Farmer’s Market on Sundays from 10am to 2pm.  This is a very popular local market where you can purchase quality local produce and handcrafted food and crafts as you support our local economy! 


The area we now call Cherry Hill has been central to this area’s development for generations. Long before the Europeans arrived, the Potawatomie Indians created a trail along a ridge the was the shoreline of an ancient lake. That route, called the Potawatomie Trail; it is now known as Ridge Road. The shoreline was the edge of where Lake Whittelsey used to reach.

By the early 1820s, European settlers came to the Cherry Hill area, establishing one of their first settlements in Canton Township. By 1834, they had had established Cherry Hill with their basic community institutions: a church, a cemetery and a school.

The Cherry Hill Inn was constructed at the intersection of Cherry Hill and Ridge Roads in 1860, becoming the most recent addition to the small, bustling town, which included a creamery and general store. Cherry Hill became the center of commerce and social events for the surrounding area.

Henry Ford took note of Cherry Hill in 1942, establishing the area as one of his company’s “village industries”, and later providing funds and other resources that allowed the expansion of Cherry Hill’s schoolhouse and hiring a second teacher. For more history of Cherry Hill Village and Canton, please visit the Canton Historical Society’s website.

With the construction of the new Cherry Hill Village, the area is once again establishing itself as an urban center of Canton.  The 338 acres of Cherry Hill Village is to be built in several phases, each in compliance with the Master Plan of the Village.

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