Neo-Traditional Neighborhood

Cherry Hill Village is Michigan’s first neo-traditional neighborhood.

Cherry Hill Village and adjoining Uptown neighborhood will be home to over 500 households as well as businesses and a Performing Arts Center. A system of pedestrian-friendly streets and miles of sidewalks and pathways connect the entire community.

Cherry Hill Village was planned and developed on principles of “Traditional Neighborhood Development” or “New Urbanism.” One of the hallmarks of traditional neighborhood communities is the variety of home styles (in a variety of colors!) that create a diverse and interesting “streetscape,” conveying a sense of space much larger than any one individual house.

And because most garage entrances are located at the rear or sides of the homes, most homes have a front porch, inviting and enhancing the feeling of small town America.  Some even have white picket fences.

View current real estate offerings (both house and condos) in Cherry Hill Village:

Cherry Hill Village was established around the last remaining historical hamlet in Canton, Michigan.  It has a rich history as one of Henry Ford’s village industries and boasts the oldest church and cemetery in the township and a nineteenth century schoolhouse in the village square.

The village itself is a mix of single family and multi-family residences that enjoy all the amenities of a small town.  Every house sits close to the street and all feature a front porch.  While there are streets, the village is very pedestrian oriented.  The streets are narrower than most and on-street parking tends to keep speed limits low.

Another key feature of Cherry Hill Village is the number of parks around the neighborhood.  There are four main parks, with more planned in future phases, that vary in size and use.  It’s not uncommon to see kites flying, baseball and soccer games, or lots of kids running around in general.

As you can imagine, Cherry Hill Village is no accident.  A great deal of planning and thought (by a lot of people!) went into making Cherry Hill Village what it is today.  Every new home is reviewed and approved prior to construction by the Village Architect to ensure that the style and appearance are compatible with the vision for Cherry Hill Village.

Diverse homes

Because the homes in Cherry Hill Village are as unique as the people that choose to live here, each builder developed a diverse portfolio of historically-inspired homes.  Rather than cookie-cutter homes, our residences vary in size and type. Home range from modest townhouses up to 7500 square foot estate home.  We have neighbors from every walk of life. Read more about each type of home, large and small, you can walk past in the Village.

Estate Homes

  • Largest lot — 75-80 feet wide, 120+feet deep (typical)
  • Multiple outdoor living spaces
  • Side entry, set back or rear motor court yard entry to garage
  • One ancillary dwelling unit (“mother-in-law” apartment) not to exceed 1,000 sq.ft. may be built on property
  • Limited number of wooded lots available

Village Homes

  • Large lot — 55-65 feet wide, 120 feet deep (typical)
  • Side entry, set back or rear lane entry to garage
  • One ancillary dwelling unit (“mother-in-law” apartment) not to exceed 1,000 sq.ft. may be built on property

Cottage Homes

  • Smaller lots — 40-45 feet wide, 100-120 feet deep
  • Rear lane garage entry (per plan)
  • One ancillary dwelling unit (“mother-in-law” apartment) not to exceed 1,000 sq.ft. may be built on property


  • First or second level living
  • All exterior lawn care and snow removal provided
  • Every home has an attached garage
  • Rear lane garage entry (per plan)

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  2. Maria Miller says:

    You have our home featured as a “cottage home” on this website. The description states cottage homes are not to exceed 1,000 square feet. Our home is 2,084 square feet, not 1,000. Just thought you would like to know to update the web site.

  3. Maria Miller says:

    We are pleased you have featured our home on the CHV website. Our cottage home is built by Curtis, not by Livonia Builders.

  4. Kristen Truong says:

    Hey Maria — The “ancillary dwelling” refers to a mother-in-law apartment that some houses have. I’ll update to be more clear. As for the Livonia Builders reference — they added that “pingback” (they referenced photos we posted) to their own site. Feel free to post on their site and let them know that they are doing some false advertising!

    • Anne Frantz says:

      Hi Kristen – my question has nothing to do with the home styles, but rather wondering if a guide exists which lists CHV residents’ names, addresses and phone numbers? If so, how can we obtain one and be sure to add our names and numbers to this list? We live on Coolidge Street and love it here! Thanks. My personal email is

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