Community Resources

Access resources for our neighborhood and community.  You can also find general township resources on the Township & Schools page under About the Village.

  • Trash and recycling: Trash removal for Cherry Hill Village is provided by Canton Township. Trash and recycling pick-up is Tuesday morning. Please visit the Canton Community website to review the Trash guidelines.
  • How to be a good neighbor: Being on bad terms with your neighbor can make your life frustrating, day after day. But taking the time to establish good terms with your neighbors has numerous benefits. The community will be friendlier, the neighborhood safer, and the area a nicer and more comfortable place to live.
  • How to be a responsible dog owner:  Cherry Hill Village is a community full of dogs!  If you are a dog owner, please be a responsible one.  Review this list from the American Kennel Association’s Good Canine Citizen.  And don’t forget the #1 dog issue on your neighbor’s list:  please remember to clean up after your dog!
  • Throw a block party:  This is one of the most fun and nicest ways to get to know you neighbors.  Anyone can organize and throw a block party.  You can have the party in your alley (if you have one) or on the street.
  • Snow and ice removal on sidewalks: Canton Township Ordinance requires that property owners/occupants remove snow and ice from sidewalks in front of homes within 72 hours of a snow event.

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  1. aleza3 says:

    Hello, neighbors. One of our recycling bins blew away in the wind earlier this week. If you found one with 49985 written on it, please let me know. We are on Hancock between Roosevelt and Buchanan. Thanks!

  2. says:

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